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Features of Mini Projector Stand


It is necessary that the platform where you place your camera or projector is anti-skid. Otherwise, your projector will fall on the ground. Our mini projector has a very safe platform where you can place your valuable projector. It is an anti-skid platform. It will hold the projector perfectly so that it cannot fall. Moreover, it has an international standard screw that can fit on multiple devices. Furthermore, the mini projector stand stands firmly on the ground to offer you excellent viewing experience.

Multipurpose Use

You can use the mini projector stand for many purposes. The prime use is the placement of the projector. It contains a universal screw that can fit in all projectors and cameras. This stand is not only for projectors. You can use a camera to take photos like a professional. It helps you take the perfect still photos. You can also make videos and capture every angle through its rotating feature. It is ideal for taking landscape pictures and other still images. Moreover, you can also place your mobile over it to take pictures and make a video. Thus, this mini projector is a solution to many problems.


The mini projector stand is adjustable. It can pan and tilt easily. You can adjust it horizontally and vertically with ease. You can adjust the proper height according to your needs and lock it. With the help of a handle, you can rotate the projector or camera easily. Its locking system allows you to rotate in the direction you need. It helps you to move the projector or camera smoothly.


mini projector stand mini projector stand

Bubble Level

The bubble level is the unique feature of this mini projector stand. Usually, stands do not have a bubble level, and it becomes hard to adjust the angle. Our mini projector stand has a bubble level that will help you align the projector perpendicular to the horizontal plane. It is a simple but effective instrument in our mini projector stand.

Easy Rotation

It is very easy to rotate the projector that is placed on the stand. It has a handle that allows you to rotate the projector with ease. You can set at the required angle and lock the projector so that it cannot rotate further.

Durable Material

Typically, mini projector stands are made from low-quality materials. We have considered the durability and long life of our stand. Our stand is durable enough as it has high-quality materials. The metallic material used in the stand is aluminum alloy, which will not rust. The material is strong enough to last for years. Furthermore, the plastic is of ABS material, which is a durable thermoplastic. It will not break with ease.


The mini projector stand is portable. It is very lightweight and weighs only 0.35kg. You can carry it easily. The stand is very compact. Its legs can fold easily so that you can carry it anywhere. It is also easy to store.

Excellent Load-bearing Capacity

The stand can bear weight around 2kg. Its aluminum legs can easily bear the weight. To ensure its long life, the weight should be under the limit. Usually, the mini portable projectors weigh around 1kg. Camera and mobile phones are also under the limit. Therefore, it has an excellent load-bearing capacity. Almost, all devices can be mounted on it.


Can I use this mini projector stand for mobile and camera?

Yes, this projector stand is suitable for mobiles and cameras. You can place the camera directly on the stand. It has a screw that can be fixed on your camera. For mobile, you need to place the camera stand clip. The stand can work perfectly with cameras and mobiles.

What is the material of the mini projector stand?

Our projector stand is made of aluminum and ABS material. So, it is durable.

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