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Feature of Video Projector Screen

Excellent for High Resolutions

This projection screen is excellent for high-quality resolution. You can watch HD and Full HD videos without any problem. It will offer you a mesmerizing theatre experience at home. It can also support 4K (Ultra HD) resolution. The projector screen gives you a wide-screen view as the aspect ratio is 16:9. Thus, it is excellent for viewing high-quality widescreen videos. It will increase your joy further.

Minimum Transparency

A projector screen should be non-transparent. If there is any transparency, then it will not allow you to enjoy the true colors and brightness. Furthermore, reflection can also send some of the rays back. So, you need a projection screen that has minimum transparency and no reflection. Our projection screen has these features. You will experience natural, clear, and vivid colors. Moreover, the screen is completely non-transparent, so you will not see anything through the screen.

Thick Screen

The screen is 2.5 times thicker than the common video projection screens. It offers you a thick surface that does not transfer light. It absorbs most of the light to give you a perfect and memorable experience. Due to the excellent thickness, the screen will not sag, it is in a rectangular shape. You can use the whole screen for the projection.

No Crease

Common projection screens get creases after using them some time. You cannot fold them as they are not crease-resistant. You need to hang them for days to remove the crease. Our projection screen is completely crease-free. You can easily fold it whenever you want. It is made from high-quality polyester to prevent wrinkles. If there is any crease due to shipping, you can put something heavy on the screen or iron it at a very low temperature.

Easy Cleaning

Most projector screens are hard to clean. They deteriorate due to washing. But our projection screen is made from polyester, so it is washable. You can wash it with damp cloth or a sponge. It is suitable for handwashing and even machine washing. Clean it and let it dry. You will be able to use the screen once it is dried. Moreover, it will not deteriorate due to washing. It is crease-free and non-deformable. It will stay in its shape for years. To remove the crease if any, you can stretch the screen or iron it. Make sure that the iron is not too hot.

Easy to Set Up

The projection screen is very easy to set up. You don’t need any hanger or screen stand. It can also work on walls. You only need Velcro to stick the screen on the wall. It is lightweight and can easily be supported using Velcro. It allows you to take out the screen from the wall whenever you want. When you want to use the screen, within a few seconds, you can put the screen back. If you want to use the screen at any place, use sticker Velcro and install the screen within a few minutes. You can save your money on the projector stands.


Our projection screen is portable enough. You can take it anywhere you want. It is crease-free, so you can fold it. You only need to unfold the screen and stretch it a little to use the screen. You can fold it in a small size, and it is lightweight as well. So, the screen is portable, and you can make your theatre wherever you want. Furthermore, it takes only a few minutes to set up, so you can take it anywhere. It does not require a projection screen stand; you only need to carry the screen.


How to remove stains from the projection screen?

If there is a stain on the screen, you can clean that part only using a damp cloth. You can also wash the whole screen with hands or in a washing machine.

Do you need a stand for the projection screen?

No, you don’t need a stand to use this projection screen. You can stick the screen on a wall using Velcro.

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