Mini HD Projector YG300 Review-Features and FAQs

We all love to have something at home for entertainment. The same goes for children; they also want to play with new things and technologies. Almost every toddler loves cartoons or animated movies. If you play cartoons and movies on a large screen, then it would be more joyful and pleasurable. A mini projector is the best solution to provide your children with a big screen to watch cartoons. This will not only help them to interact with new technologies, but they will also love the mesmerizing view of the projector. If you are looking for a projector for your kids, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to review the mini HD projector YG300 that is specially made for kids and home entertainment purposes. You can present this product as a gift to your loved ones. Let’s get into the details of the product.

Some Reasons Why it is Perfect for Kids

YG300 is perfect for kids. There are a few reasons that make this mini HD projector perfect for children.

Compatible with Power Bank

This is the most important feature of this mini movie projector. You can power it using a power bank. Therefore, it is very safe for children. There is no need to connect it with a 110V or 220V supply, you can power it through a power bank. This gives you peace of mind, and your children can easily operate the projector safely. There is no electric hazard in this case. You can also power this projector using an adapter if you are using it.

Easy to Use

The best thing about the mini projector is that it is easy to use. Children can also operate it with ease. There are a few buttons on the mini projector that helpsyou to easily control the video or images. This can be easily connected to multiple devices to watch movies and cartoons. You can also store the content in the USB flash drive and give that to your kids so that they play the content directly.


The mini travel projector YG300 is very compact. It only takes a little storage space. So, your children can store it with ease. The dimensions of the projector are 11.8 cm x 8.6cm x 4.8cm. Thus, it is very small and compact.


The projector is portable; it is compact and lightweight. Your children can take it on a camping trip and to anywhere else. They can put it in their bags. The weight of this mini travel projector is only 0.29kg. So, it is very portable.


It is very affordable to give this mini travel projector as a gift. It is available at a very low price, and you can make the day of your boy or girl.

Adjustable Screen Size

The size of the screen can be adjusted from 24 to 80 inches. You can adjust it according to children. They can enjoy the big screen of this mini HD projector at home. There are two aspect ratios 16:9 and 4:3 for excellent viewing experience.

Perfect for Cartoons and Animated Movies

The projector is perfect for cartoons and animated movies. If you are worried that your children will cause damage to your expensive TV or you don’t have a big TV, then this projector is suitable for you. You can play cartoons and animated movies, and your children will enjoy them. This is a more affordable and safe way of entertaining children.

Large Games Screen

Your children might be fond of games. This projector can be connected to games consoles and mobiles. So, your children can easily play games on a large screen.

Salient Feature of The Mini HD Projector

There are some salient features of the projector. Let’s see them.

  • The projector supports Full HD 1080p resolution, which is excellent. The native resolution is 320 x240p.
  • It has an excellent contrast ratio of 800:1, which is in the range of recommended contrast ratio.
  • It offers two aspect ratios that are 4:3 and 16:9.
  • The lamp life is also 30,000 hours. So, you can use it for decades without any hassle.
  • The mini travel projector has HDMI port, USB port, TF card slot, CVBS 3 in 1 input, and headphone jack to offer wide compatibility.
  • It has 12-month professional customer service.


Can you connect the mini projector to phones?

Yes, you can connect this mini projector to your phone. This is compatible with Androids and iPhones. You will need a lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhones. For Android, you need MHL to HDMI or Wi-Fi network adapters. You will need to purchase these adapters separately.

How to buy a mini HD projector?

It is very easy to buy a mini HD projector for home. You need to look at a few features, such as,

  • Native and Supported resolution
  • Screen Size
  • Brightness or Contrast
  • Lamp Life

These are the few things that you need to see before you buy a mini HD projector.

How to connect the mini projector to a laptop?

This mini-movie projector does not support MAC OS. But you can use it to other laptops. To connect with the laptop, you need an HDMI cable only. It is very simple to connect.

What can you do with this mini-movie projector?

This mini-movie projector is for home entertainment use only. You can watch movies, cartoons, and other videos. You can also see the images on the screen. Further, it can be connected to game consoles. So, children can enjoy this projector a lot. But keep in mind that this projector is not suitable for business presentations and PowerPoint.

Final Thoughts

The mini HD projector YG300 is excellent for home entertainment. This projector is available at an affordable price and can offer you a lot in return. It is perfect for children, they can enjoy videos, pictures, games, or anything they like. You can make a home theatre at your home without any hassle. Most importantly, it is safe for children; they can power it using a power bank, so there is no electric shock hazard. Furthermore, it has excellent features and functions. It supports Full HD resolution, which is amazing. The mini-movie projector is ideal for home entertainment.

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